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Identifying, meeting and exceeding client requirements

Our Aim

To identify, meet and then exceed client’s requirements and expectations.

How we do it

We tailor our service to meet each estates specific requirements.  Our proactive approach, coupled with regular site visits, is the most effective way to deliver professional and efficient property management to our clients.

Office Relocation

We have moved!


Our new address is Suite 7, Phoenix House, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5JY. 

Please note attendance at the office is now by appointment only.

Why Us?

The proverbial three good reasons

1. Customer Care

We appreciate how important it is to respond quickly and correctly and at all times to protect the interests of the management company and residents property. This approach of integrity, honesty, attention to detail and value for money has led us to have long and productive relationships with our clients.


2. Bespoke Management Service

One size does not fit all for property management. You may want us to come to site each month or quarter or every six months, this is one of the many areas we can tailor to suit you. We will meet and listen to what you need us to do for you and together we can then agree our service level.


3. No Percentage on any works & Transparent Fixed Charges

We do not charge any percentage on any works undertaken. If we are your managing agents you will already be paying us for our time and advice, we don’t believe it is fair to then charge additional sums on works. By not charging a percentage on works we can clearly demonstrate not having an allegiance to any contractors and demonstrate to leaseholders that we are seeking the most economic solutions possible.


Our management fees are agreed annually in advance. Unlike many of our competitors there will be no additional costs, such as postage, attendance at meetings, dealing with insurance claims etc to add to this sum.


There are of course many other reasons and benefits to having us act as your managing agents…

Your Problems, Our Solutions

We're different, but in a good way. CPM was formed when our MD bought his first leasehold property and experienced the service received from managing agents, from your side. It was time for a new Concept....

Ever changing Property Managers

"We just get our property manager up to speed and they leave"

As you may have discovered most management agents operate with each property manager looking after a portfolio of estates and they do everything for those estates. But what happens when they go on annual leave or just leave the company? We do things differently. We all have our specialties, be it in reactive maintenance, planned maintenance, insurance, service charge accounts - so we employ people to specialise in those roles and they help and advise you as you need it.


Agents Costs

"It costs us money every time we ask for anything"

The annual fee quoted by CPM to you is the fee you will pay. No more. This sounds like common sense but is a revolution in the industry. If you are considering changing or engaging managing agents ask our competitors for their schedule of additional charges. You may be surprised at the vast array of additional items that can be charged.


No Progression/Service

"We're not sure our residents are being given a good service"

All actions are recorded on our in-house designed bespoke software. Each call, each action point from a directors meeting is given a reference number and this is given to the caller at the end of their call. We call these tickets. Tickets can be assigned appropriately within the office for action, converted to quote requests or works orders. But the trace back to the reference number is always there, and when we meet we will bring a summary report showing whose called, when, what we did with it and when the issue was closed.


Outrageous Contractors Costs

"This guy came from miles away and charged us a fortune"

If you choose CPM you will pay us a fixed annual fee, paid quarterly in advance. We do not charge any percentage on any works undertaken. Many other agents continue to charge a percentage on works, the amounts vary but these can be as high as 15%. You will already pay us for our time and advice, so why pay us again? If we were being cynical you could envisage that an agent charging a percentage on works  could recommend expensive contractors as obviously the higher the charge, the higher their percentage. You could also suggest that they are recommending unnecessary works as more expenditure means a higher annual fee. 


Preferred Contractors

"Why can't we retain the people and companies who have been working with us"

You can. The question is - preferred by who? Unlike many others the only requirement we have for contractors is that they are suitably insured and where appropriate, qualified to undertake the work. We don't have application fees for contractors to join a preferred contractors list or require that they pay us a percentage of their invoice total, the people that end up paying for that is you.

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